Positive and Healing Words

Meditation for connecting to Spirit

All you truly need to connect to your past loved ones, is Meditation with Intent. Find a nice quiet place where you will not be disturbed and learn to breath slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on your passed loved one and think of them with love and happy memories. Keep your eyes closed until you are finished. If you feel like you were with them, to end the session, thank them and send them your love. It can be that simple if you truly seek to be with them again.

Class & Workshop Events

Ashley Marsillas will be having Free class & workshop events. Dates to be announced as they are scheduled. Next class in downtown Wisconsin Dells on Sunday December 3rd from Noon - 3pm at 805 River Road.

Crystals for Healing

Some basic crystals for healing are: Selenite which is used for Positivity and Happiness. Amethyst is great for healing grief and Healing in general. Black Tourmaline is good for grounding and keeping negativity away. These are just a few of the many crystals that are great for energy work and they help promote healing on many levels. They are also Beautiful to look at!

Belief Systems

The biggest obstacle that most face is their belief in the possibility of afterlife communication. If you are open to such things, then anything is possible. You could go to a Medium for connecting or learn to connect on your own. We often are taught by our Parents, Religion and other influences that this is not possible or is wrong to even do so. We are a Spirit in a physical human body. Our Spirit within is who we truly are. Do your own research, but be open to the possibilities of what your Soul can do. Find your path from within and Love yourself to grow.

Located in Wisconsin Dells

Located in the Wisconsin Dells area. Contact Ashley for Intuitive Psychic Medium readings in person or by phone. Ashley also does energy healing as well. She has cleared many homes of negative energies and uncomfortable feelings.

My Mom is the Inspiration for the book and this Spiritual journey

Mom I Love you. Until we are together again on the otherside.

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