What happens to us when we die

What Happens When We Die?

    This will be a ongoing blog and I will add things to this subject often. More will be added with my research and experiences with this topic.

I am sure this subject is avoided or we change the subject when this question comes up. Most have some belief from Religion or Family that has taught us some answers as to what happens to us when we die, but I always changed the subject due to fear, not knowing and really not having enough education on the subject.

How would I answer such a complex question? There really is no provable evidence to back up all the research and studies that have been done on this subject even though I believe in Raymond Moody's research. I would suggest reading Life After Life as this is a classic and is well written. This is all a personal and individual belief of what happens to you. 

Personally I have been to a dozen Mediums the first fourteen months after my Mom passed and this was one of my questions. I also interviewed at least a dozen Hospice and end of life care Nurses on this subject as well. I have spoken to Doctors and others on this subject to also see the point of view from Spiritual people, Religious people and of course the professionals in health care.

My belief is that we are all made up of energy and that energy is our mind and Soul/Spirit. That energy never dies, it simply transfers to another vibrational plane. I call it our Essence or who we truly are from within. 

I believe, without doubt in my mind  that we transition to the Afterlife, the Otherside, the Hereafter and many other names that we call it, including Heaven. My personal experiences and communications with the Afterlife have strengthened my beliefs and have given me comfort knowing that we truly never die.

 Our physical form dies, but not our Soul/Spirit that is eternal and lives on forever. This eliminates my fear of death and has helped me to understand what happens when we die.  

Physical death is merely a human experience to reflect on the progress of your Spirit and to see what has been learned in this lifetime.

When you transition from the physical human form to your true self, your Spirit, it has been said by many Near Death Experiencers or NDEs that they did not even know they died until they met with passed loved ones and Spirit Guides.

We do not die in all regards, only the physical stops. We will be reunited with passed loved ones and friends again. Realize that there is continuation with your existence.

"I tell you with all the strength and conviction I can utter that we do persist, that people over there still take an interest in what is going on here; that they still help us and know far more about things than we do, and are able from time to time to communicate with us."  Sir Oliver Lodge  1917

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