The Wisconsin Dells Medium aka Psychic Medium

Connect with your passed loved ones from the Otherside

I am an Intuitive Medium, which means I am able to access Spirits from the Spirit World and relay their messages to my clients. I receive these messages by feeling (Clairsentience) by hearing (Clairaudience) by seeing (Clairvoyance) and by knowing (Claircognizance). I also receive message from Energies and Entities that have never been in human form, such as Spirit Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters. I also Channel and do Automatic Writing regularly. The Spirit writing does come from a Higher Divine Source. I have been called a Sensitive and Empath.

I have had these gifts my entire life, but they were repressed until my mom's passing at which time all of these abilities were accelerated. I believe I have been given these gifts and abilities to help others. I have come to the acceptance that this is what I was called and meant to do.

I embrace my gifts with Love and Acceptance and I am now doing Readings. Please contact me for information about pricing and scheduling a reading. I wish you well.

About Me

I was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. I moved here in the Wisconsin Dells area about 9 years ago. The Spirit Energy around here is amazingly active. Perhaps that is why I was drawn to this location. I have always been an Intuitive and have been extremely sensitive. For over 25 years I have been doing Meditation and Energy work, mainly from the Martial Arts training that I received  since a very young age and continued while in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. I also am a published author and a business woman and take these skills into mind with my Readings and other healing work. 

Readings done in Wisconsin Dells

Readings are $100 per hour. Call at 608-432-1331 or email

You must contact me via phone or email before we schedule a Reading.

Phone readings are available upon request. Call 608-432-1331 or email about cost and availability.

Client Reading Reviews

A Fulfilling Experience

So my reading with Ashley was unexpected, but very fulfilling. I did get messages from three different spirits. My Grandmothers came through and also my Father-in-Law who passed recently. This was validated by him giving his name to me (in a foreign language) which completely blew me away. Ashley also gave more messages for not only me, but my family as well. I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone for a reading. She has a true gift! Maria S.

From Skeptic to Believer

I've had two readings with Ashley. She brought people through that only I knew about those particular experiences and details that we did together. I was a skeptic coming the first session, but after what I experienced, I went back for another appointment. The second reading was even more informative then the first. I am now a believer thanks to Ashley. Charles K.

Comfort and Love came through

I met with Ashley and was quite amazed with our session. My mom and dad came through with loving and comforting messages. My dad told her that I was crying the night before and where I was sitting when I did so. I left feeling better knowing that my parents are fine and in a safe place. I feel comforted knowing what I know now. Thank you Ashley for sharing these gifts and abilities. Trina B.

Feeling relaxed and calm now

When we started the reading I felt a bit anxious for what might happen, but Ashley made me feel at ease. My mom and father came through and my Mom's name was given to me and I was shocked! Mom had many encouraging  things to tell me and I feel so good about what happened. The one thing that I thought was cool, was the candle was popping and moving all over when I was communicating with my mom. Ashley even picked up on my leg pain from exercising and showed me where I was hurting. I feel more relaxed and calm now after the reading. I would recommend Ashley to anyone who wants a session to connect with their passed loved ones.  James Stevens

I am convinced now there is more

I have heard from some friends about Ashley and her readings. I was skeptical until after my session. She brought through my Father and Grandparents. Ashley told me things about my dad that I didn't even know until the next day after I spoke to my mom. I am still shocked by her abilities! I am now convinced that there is something to this and that we do live on. Go see Ashley if you want a reading to connect to people who are important to you and are no longer here.  Tim Hoard

A very Cool and Loving Experience

I have never had a reading before, so I was a bit unsure what to expect. It was very cool and a loving, fun experience. I was pleasantly surprised that my Grandmother and Father came through. She kept saying the number 7 over and over. Then just a few hours after the reading, we had 7 Eagles fly over head and very close to us. I knew Ashley was for real when that happened. I would recommend Ashley to anyone wanting to connect to family that has passed on.  Cindy Graham

The Wisconsin Dells Medium

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Booking a Reading

How to schedule a Reading.

To schedule a reading, please first contact me either by phone 608-432-1331 or by email and let's see what day and time works for you. Readings are $100 per hour and $25 per half hour after the first hour and must be paid in advance by PayPal or Credit card. Cash can be paid at beginning of consultation before the session begins.

What to expect at a Reading.

We first meet and I explain in person how this works. Once we begin I do a brief Meditation and then we start. I can Not guarantee who comes through during our time together. Spirit often has the one person or people come through that have a message for you. The entire session is done with Love and Positivity, so please do not be nervous or worried about what happens. This is done with safety, comfort and compassion in regards to you and your loved ones.

Be open and ready to whatever happens

The entire session can be a loving and healing experience for you if you allow the Love and Intention to unfold as it needs to. You can cry, laugh, smile and let your emotions do what they may as we go through this experience together.

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Click the button above to pay for your Reading and use PayPal or Credit Card. I suggest you call 608-432-1331or email first before paying for a reading online. Let's make sure the day and time works for our schedule first. I wish you well.